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Indo- German Collaboration

“Miracles are made in Heaven” is quite a famous saying, and there is no doubt that our journey towards our goal, of realizing our dream, in offering the “Shanmuga Kavacham” to a Global audience, is nothing short of a miracle. We took the road less traveled and when the going got tough, the tough got going. Initially, we decided to do this Divine work for a regional and national audience, but our quest in finding a top notch choir to carry the grandeur of the composition, compelled us to look beyond our borders.

The Divine saint/poet Srimath Pamban Swamigal who had written the Shanmuga Kavacham, had prophesized that this work would reach a global audience after 100 years and this is exactly where the miracle unfolds and everyone come together to make his vision a reality. Ganesh B. Kumar, the highly qualified and aesthetically inclined composer of this Choral work, has left no stone unturned in this

respect, by working with a fiery determination and dedication has to fulfill the vision of Pamban Swamigal. His widespread scouring finally zeroed in on “The Chamber Choir of Europe”, Germany, spearheaded by its founder, Mr. Nicol Matt who also happens to be the conductor of the choir. Nicol is highly talented and one of the most wanted conductors of Europe, whose insatiable love for choir music carried him to the different parts of the world for both teaching and conducting. This amalgamation of the East and the West is what blossomed into a strong bond of an Indo - German Collaboration. The five long years of hard work and dedication had finally reached its destined plateau, when the conductor recognized the spiritual and mystic elements that were enshrined within and most beautifully brought out through its intricate musical score.

This Indo - German Collaboration has served to cement the bonds of friendship between the 2 countries and made the process that followed even more easier. The composer and conductor have a mutual understanding with each other as they exchange their musical expertise and knowledge with each other. The core team comprises of our Project lead Dr. Prem Venkatesh and primary patrons of the project Mr. Balakrishnan and Mr. Anand Madhavan, whose support and selfless contributions helped to steer the project in the right direction. Also guiding and supporting the project is the Chief Librettist, Mr. Muthukumaraguruswamy, an erudite scholar with a profound knowledge of the works of the Saint-Poet, ‘Srimath Pamban Swamigal’, and the Linguistic trainers the Tamil Pandit - Mr. Divakar, who has been a source of great strength with his scholarly advice and spiritual guidance and Mrs. Georgina Singh for the English perspective of transferring the meaning, translation and contributing her ever supportive indulgence in the project.

About Choral Mantra

It is believed that sound is the basis of all creation and that each of the five elements of nature namely Sky, Air, Fire, Water and the Earth when aligned with sound, corresponds to the 5 chakras of the human body. A Mantra is a powerful sound that produces a vibration, and they are believed to have the power to cleanse one’s mind, body and soul. Chanting a Mantra helps us experience a deeper state of consciousness.

Choral Mantra is a term that has been specially coined for the world’s first Choral composition from India, to adorn the Western Classical Choral repertoire. This composition titled “Shanmuga Kavacham” is a spiritual masterpiece in Tamil, written by the Saint / Poet Srimath Pamban Swamigal, in 1891.

The World Premiere of “Shanmuga Kavacham”, along with other selected mantras would be performed in Choral a cappella style in Germany on the 20th of September 2015 at Kurhaus Weisbaden / Friedrich-von-Thiersch-Saal, Germany. This auspicious event is titled “Mantra Meets Classic”.

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