Anne Reich


Anne Reich, the Soprano Soloist of this project, began her musical journey under the able guidance of her teacher Angela Schwaiger from Camerloher Music School from where she completed her graduation in 2011. Earlier, in 2007, she was inducted into the Bavarian State Youth Choir and received singing lessons from Tanja d'Althann at Singakademie.

In 2011, Anne learned the technique of singing from Prof. Gabriele Fuchs at the Leopold Mozart Center of the University of Augsburg and in the same year, she won her first National Award, Jugend musiziert and also took part in a student production “Dido Meeting”, at the Augsburg Theater. In 2014, Anne received an Award of 1000 Euros, at the National Singing Competition, for Best Soprano from the Rosenbaum Foundation. Anne’s dedication and skill of singing has guided her footsteps towards pursuing her studies at the Young Soprano Agnes Habereder - Kottler. Presently she performs as soloist in various concerts throughout Germany.

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