• On 20th September 2015
  • at Friedrich-von-Thiersch-Saal
  • in Kurhaus Wiesbaden, Germany

Choral Mantra

About the Project

Indo- German Collaboration

“Miracles are made in Heaven” is quite a famous saying, and there is no doubt that our journey towards our goal, of realizing our dream, in offering the “Shanmuga Kavacham” to a Global audience, is nothing short of a miracle. We took the road less traveled and when the going got tough, the tough got going. Initially, we decided to do this Divine work for a regional and national audience, but our quest in finding a top notch choir to carry the grandeur of the composition, compelled us to look beyond our borders.

The Divine saint/poet Srimath Pamban Swamigal who had written the Shanmuga Kavacham, had prophesized that this work would reach a global audience...

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“Mananaat traayate iti mantrah”

It is said that sages from the Vedic period were able to feel the subtle vibrations produced in nature from the sounds of the wind, thunder, rivers, birds and other creation. They recognized these sounds as the expression of ‘Spirit within Matter’. Hinduism, one of the world’s most ancient religions, is believed to have originated with the sound Om or Aum - the sound that is said to have been produced during the creation of the cosmos, and for thousands of years its people have used mantras to experience their awareness of the Divine.

Impact On Life

Mantra are said to have power over the mind, body and soul. With their constant chanting, they become an integral part of our system, creating a spiritual ambience within. Mantras are also believed to have an inherent power to heal and protect all mankind.

About Shanmuga Kavacham

Shanmuga Kavacham is the crown composition from this eclectic line up of mantras, which is the prime spot in the World Premiere program. The Shanmuga Kavacham, which was written by the saint/poet Srimath Pamban Swamigal in 1891, is believed to be a shield or protection as its name suggests.

Shanmuga Kavacham, which is comprised of 30 verses, is an ardent and honest intercession to Lord Murugan invoking his blessings to protect all mankind from every possible danger which may be encountered on this Earth while journeying through the five dimensions of Length, Breadth, Height, Time and Space.

Shanmuga Kavacham is a compilation of 30 verses, written by Srimath Pamban Swamigal in 1891. It is an honest interceding to God to protect mankind from various imminent dangers and to obtain elevation to merge with the Almighty. It is divided into six chapters

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Chapter 1 (verses 1-9) - the subject he dwells on is the ‘Human Body’, wherein he elaborately segregates each part of the body categorically and pleads for God’s protection from any looming danger.

Chapter 2 (verses10, 11 &12) - he depicts the dark forces, harmful weapons and evil people and the possible dangers from them and pleads for God’s protection.

Chapter 3 (verses 13, 14 & 15) - he seeks God’s protection from the predictable dangers by various Animals, Amphibians and Reptiles. On the prima facie it appears so... but in reality it is actually used as a metaphor. He implores God to save mankind from the wrath of fellow human beings besieged with animalistic persona and also prevent mankind from getting into these animalistic instincts.

Chapter 4 (verses 16-20) - he lists various ailments possible and seeks God’s protection from the eventual torment.

Chapter 5 (verse 21) - he talks about the messengers of death and implores God to save him from attaining death. As again this is used as a metaphor, eventually the inner meaning portray his genuine appeal to God to liberate the soul from the cycle of re-births and to attain the eternal state.

Chapter 6 (verses 22-29) - he talks about the awaiting dangers from all the 5 dimensions - Length, Breath, Height, Time and Space eventually seeking the Almighty’s protection.

In the final verse (verse 30) he culminates the entire philosophy narrated so far. He then reminisces about his exemplar spiritual leader Arunagirinadhar, who after experiencing all the above mentioned, eventually merged with the almighty after being opulently blessed by him. He devotedly prays to GOD to be sanctified in the same way and surrenders himself at his Holy feet.


The Chamber Choir of Europe


In just a few short years, the Chamber Choir of Europe has established itself as one of the pre-eminent choral groups on the contemporary scene - by virtue of its extensive touring and recording activity, the latter exclusively for Brilliant Classics. The Chamber Choir of Europe was founded as the Nordic Chamber Choir by chorus builder Hanno Kreft. Finding its voice under choral conductor Nicol Matt, the Chamber Choir of Europe began to make their presence felt in the concert circuit and the name change became permanent in April 2002. Since then the Chamber Choir of Europe ...

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Ganesh B. Kumar is a talented Composer, who holds a Licentiate in Music (LTCL) from the Trinity College of Music, London. From childhood, he was fascinated by the works of great masters and this impression left an indelible mark on his young mind. In course of time, the seed of Classical...

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Nicol Matt


Nicol Matt, one of Germany’s few new generation conductors enjoying international reputation, was born in 1970 in the Black Forest region of Germany. He studied Lutheran church music, conducting, vocal coaching, score playing, piano and singing, at the music academies of Stuttgart, Trossingen and Strasbourg.

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Malcolm P.Cooper


Malcolm P. Cooper from U.S.A., is the Tenor Soloist of this project. Through his dedication and hard work, he earned himself the esteemed position in the Dean’s list from the University of Delaware, which served to steer his footsteps towards a serious career in Choral music. He received his ...

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Anne Reich


Anne Reich, the Soprano Soloist of this project, began her musical journey under the able guidance of her teacher Angela Schwaiger from Camerloher Music School from where she completed her graduation in 2011. Earlier, in 2007, she was inducted into the Bavarian State Youth Choir and received singing lessons from Tanja...

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Shalini graduated from Women’s Christian College and Madras University with an M.A degree in English Literature. Her tryst with music began at the tender age of three, participating in inter- school competitions followed by training in singing and theatre with a Western Classical background for plays such...

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Sooraj is a singer/musician from Kerala, in South India, who began his singing career at a very young age, singing in languages such as Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Kanada. He was very interested in singing and following his studies he pursued a career in music, by participating in many inter-cultural...

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Anand Madhavan


Anand Madhavan graduated in Mathematics from Vivekananda College in 1977 followed by a M.B.A (Finance) from Hofstra University, New York, U.S.A. He is the Director of a leading printing company in Chennai and has been instrumental in bringing out the Musical Score of the Mantras in the print format...

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Concert Tour


World Premiere of "Mantra meets Classic" is performing on 20th September 2015, Friedrich-von-Thiersch- Saal, Kurhaus Weisbaden.


We are scheduled to perform in India with the Chamber Choir of Europe. Watch this space for confirmed dates.


We are scheduled to perform in Singapore with the Chamber Choir of Europe. Watch this space for confirmed dates.


We are scheduled to perform in Malaysia with the Chamber Choir of Europe. Watch this space for confirmed dates.


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