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The Essence of the Five Pieces for the World Premiere

1. Aindhu Karathanai

Aindhu Karathanai is one of the traditional Tamil mantra that would feature as the first piece to set the tone for the World Premiere. This mantra was written by the saint / poet Thirumoolar approximately around 4000 B.C. This composition is a lilting yet powerful invocation to Lord Vinayagar for being the very embodiment of wisdom and grace. It is promised that those who worship the Lord with great sincerity and devotion would be bestowed with the eloquence of speech, fruitful friendship, and great happiness on Earth.

2. Sa Ra Va Na Ba Va

Sa Ra Va Na Ba Va is the second piece in the compilation, that extols the valor and wisdom of Lord Murugan, also known as Sikandan or Nyana Panditan (The Bestower of Wisdom). Lord Murugan is portrayed as having a youthful appearance and sitting on a Peacock with a flag having a Rooster in one hand. The peacock represents infinite light, while the rooster (Kukuta) represents infinite sound. The lance held in the other hand portrays energy and valor.

This is a 6 syllable mantra that is recited for 6 nights dedicated to Lord Murugan and serves to invoke the power and energy of the Lord, through the chanting of each syllable.

SA – Attracts the right people to your door

RA – Fulfills your desire of material wealth

VA – Destroys competition, diseases and debts

NA – Dissuades enemies and completely stops problems before they arise

BA – Attracts magnetic charm and charisma

VA – Stops Negative influences from all the planets

3. Gayathri Mantra

The Gayathri Mantra is an invocative hymn that is also widely used during all auspicious occasions. This mantra belongs to a family of mantras called “Gayathri Mantras”. The Gayathri Mantra which comprises of 24 syllables - three lines of eight syllables each, is written in Vedic poetic meter, but the first line Aum Bhur Bhuvah Swah, which is most commonly used, does not form part of the original Gayathri Mantra, from a technical perspective.

People use the Gayathri Mantra for purposes of deep meditation, invoking a personal connection with God, by praising him as Creator, Protector and Purifier of all existence on earth, and asking Him to bless and protect them from all harm and danger in this world, to free their souls from pain and trouble and give them the right sense of direction in their lives. By chanting this mantra it helps to propel the intellect on the Divine path through spiritual enlightenment.

4. Shanmuga Kavacham

Shanmuga Kavacham is the crown composition from this eclectic line up of mantras, which is the prime spot in the World Premiere program. The Shanmuga Kavacham, which was written by the saint/poet Srimath Pamban Swamigal in 1891, is believed to be a shield or protection as its name suggests.

Shanmuga Kavacham, which is comprised of 30 verses, is an ardent and honest intercession to Lord Murugan invoking his blessings to protect all mankind from every possible danger which may be encountered on this Earth while journeying through the five dimensions of Length, Breadth, Height, Time and Space. The composition is divided into six chapters which deal with the Human body, Dark forces, Animals – Amphibians – Reptiles, Ailments, Destiny and Dimensions.

Chapter 1 comprises of verses 1 to 9 that deals with the subject of the Human Body. These verses are an intercession to Lord Murugan, pleading with Him to protect every part of their body from any danger they may be encountered in their lives. Chapter 2 comprises of verses 10, 11 and 12 where Lord Murugan is invoked to protect the devotee from the Dark Forces such as harmful weapons and evil people are dangerous and may cause harm to us at any time. Chapter 3 comprises of verses 13, 14 and 15 and seeks God’s mercy and protection from the dangers caused by animals, amphibians and reptiles. These verses are metaphorically represented, which means that the intercession is to invoke the Lord’s protection against people possessing an animalistic persona or attitude and who could harm others. It is also a prayer of pleading to God to prevent themselves from imbibing such animalistic instincts. Chapter 4 comprises of verses 15 to 20, which is an imploration to the Lord asking for His protection from various ailments and its tormenting tendencies. Chapter 5 comprises of only verse 21, which is once again metaphorically represented. It speaks about the Messenger of Death, imploring God to liberate his soul from the cycle of birth and death and enable it to attain an eternal state of peace and tranquility. The 6th and final Chapter comprises of verses 22 to 29, which invokes God’s mercy and protection from any danger prevalent in the five Dimensions – Length, Breadth, Height, Time and Space.

The closing verse 30 is where the entire philosophy culminates, extolling the praises of Srimath Pamban Swamigal’s great spiritual master Arunagirinadhar, who was eventually blessed abundantly and merged his soul with the Almighty. The Saint / Poet ardently prays to the Lord and intercedes to bless him in the same manner and finally surrenders himself at His holy feet. According to his philosophy of Universal Brotherhood, God is Omnipotent and dwells and permeates in the soul of every living being.

5. Na Ma Chi Va Ya

Om Namah Shivaya is one of the most ancient Hindu mantras which is a grand salutation to Lord Shiva and means – “I bow to Shiva”. This very popular mantra ranks as the oldest in the Yajurveda, one of the Vedic texts and forms parts of a Hindu prayer - Rudram & Chamakam. This mantra is ensconced in mysticism and when chanted, is believed to help us rid ourselves from sin and all internal imperfections and elevates the psyche by awakening the higher states of inner consciousness.

The mantra Om Namah Shivaya is quite complex due to its multi- layered meaning. It is a panchaskara mantra which means, that it is made up of five syllables namely - Na – ma – Shi – va – ya, preceded by the sacred primordial sound of “Om” or “Aum”, considered to be the symbol of the Eternal Divine. These five sacred sounds represent the five elements of creation - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. When chanted, it is believed that it has all the power to destroy the manifestations of sin and imperfections and guide the individual towards the Lord’s Eternal and Divine love.

Written by Georgina

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